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Casa los Colmenares Entorno
Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, is located in the Rioja Alta, between Haro and Santo Domingo de la Calzada in land of vineyards and cereal. Villa of medieval manor, impressive and beautiful, excellently preserves its historic center with palatial houses, emblazoned buildings and stone masonry, medieval castle of the Velasco and monumental Baroque church. In the surroundings there are two hermitages: Our Lady of Sorejana (Romanesque) and Our Lady of Tironcillo (Baroque). The river crosses the village, which sits at the foot of Mount El Bolo, which in times past served as watchman and guardian of the fortress. It was a strong square that with its castle closed the line of Castile. The castle was built at the end of the s. XIV outside the walls of the village. The wall surrounded the stronghold and only 2 doors gave way to the interior. The parish church of San Miguel in the main square was declared a national monument in 1978. It was completed in 1805 and is the best example of Rioja baroque.

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