It's all in the family

The story

Our house has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. We believe it may be more than three hundred years old. It has always been linked to farming and wine production in its most ancient essence.

The intention when opening the doors as tourist accommodation was to maintain the house with all its essence and offer travellers the enjoyment of an authentic house. To this end, the renovation has been carried out in a traditional way by the family themselves.

apiaries the house history
apiaries la casa cuzcurrita

Cuzcurrita, our village

We provide tourist information about the different visits and activities to do in the area: routes, wineries, nature, etc.

Cuzcurrita has some marvellous municipal swimming pools as well as a children's playground and pelota court, as well as a river and its surroundings where you can stroll and even take a dip in the water in summer.