Path of the Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage

The Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón Dam Trail is a charming walk that begins in the town's central square and heads towards the base of the imposing castle.


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10 m.


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1h 16′

The Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage Trail, located in the charming town of Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, is a wonderful route that invites you to discover the natural beauty and cultural heritage of La Rioja.

Path of the Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage

Starting in the Plaza Mayor of CuzcurritaYou will head for Tirgo Street, which is on the left of the river Tirón.

During this stretch, you will cross several housing estates and fields until you reach a junction with the Tirgo road. Here, you will find the signs for the Rioja Alta Wine Route for this section, known as the Lower Oja Tirón Path.

You will have to cross the Tirgo road with caution to continue on your way to the Ermita. The path winds through extensive fields of cereal crops and vineyards until you reach a fork in the road. At this point, you should turn right and continue along the path that will take you to the Hermitage of Tironcilloa beautiful building dating from the 17th century. Here, the local people make pilgrimages twice a year, carrying the image of Nuestra Señora de Tironcillo to ask for health and an abundant harvest.

Path of the Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage

The road is asphalted and, although it is partly signposted, we recommend that you take care and pay attention to the signs on the path.

Approximate time to complete this tour is 1:16 hoursThe average speed is 5 km/h. Please note that a large part of the trail has no trees, so it is advisable to avoid the central hours of summer days and to protect yourself from the sun.

On your way, you will be able to appreciate the diversity of the fauna and botany of the area, which includes poplars, poplars, poplars, robinias, rowan trees, reeds, thistles, daisies, poppies, fennels, mullein, dandelions, plantains, and scabious.

Path of the Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage

Agricultural crops include walnut trees, olive trees, almond trees, cherry trees, cereals (such as wheat and barley), fig trees and potato fields.

Finally, on your tour you will also be able to appreciate the rich heritage, art and history of Cuzcurrita, which includes the St Michael's ChurchThe historic centre of the city and, of course, the Ermita de Tironcillo hermitage.

In conclusion, the Ermita de Tironcillo Hermitage Trail is a unique route that combines nature, heritage and culture - an experience you won't want to miss!

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