How to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón

If you are looking for a charming tourist destination, Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón is the ideal place for you. Our town offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy all year round: visit the impressive waterfall, located in a privileged natural environment; take a dip in the natural pools along the River Tirón and immerse yourself in the gastronomy of La Rioja.

Would you like to enjoy a unique rural environment? Below, we explain the best ways to get to our village and in particular our accommodation in Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón without getting lost along the way.

How to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón - Los Colmenares

How to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón by bus

Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón can be reached from different parts of La Rioja.

From Logroño the ALSA bus company offers different timetables with a direct route to get to the town.

Another of the most convenient options to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón is through the buses connecting Haro with our town. There are several bus companies operating on this route, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and schedule. Furthermore, the route is very affordable in terms of price, making it a good option for those who want to save on transport costs.

The bus route starts at Camino Nº4, 2D, Haro and ends at C. Parral, 2, 26214. The average speed of the route is 29 km per hour (25 min).

How to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón - Los Colmenares

How to get by train to Cuzcurrita de Río de Tirón

To get there by train, the nearest station is the medium/long distance station, located in Miranda de Ebro, 16.66 km from Cuzcurrita. The station's opening hours are very extensive: from 07:00 AM to 23:00 PM.

How to get by car to Cuzcurrita de Río de Tirón

If you prefer to take the car, please note that the nearest towns are the following:

  • Rioja Baths: 3.52 kilometres away
  • Ochanduria: 4.01 kilometres
  • Castañares de Rioja: 4.24 kilometres away
  • Casalarreina: 4.48 kilometres away
  • Villalobar de Rioja: 5.42 kilometres away
  • Sajazarra: 5.48 kilometres away
  • Anguciana: 6.19 kilometres away
  • Haro: 12.2 kilometres
  • Cihuri: 8.4 kilometres

Distance Logroño Cuzcurrita

As mentioned above, the distance between Logroño and Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón is approximately 50 kilometres. The route is via the LR-111 road, which will take you directly to our town. It is a route with beautiful landscapes that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of La Rioja.

How to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón - Los Colmenares

How to get from Bilbao to Cuzcurrita

From Bilbao, the easiest way to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón is via the AP-68 motorway, which connects Bilbao with Zaragoza. Leave the motorway at exit 10 towards Haro and continue along the N-124 until you reach our village. It is a journey of approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes, but the views you will enjoy during the trip are well worth it.

In short, there are several transport options available to get to Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón, from buses to private cars. We hope you have found this information useful in planning your trip to our town.

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